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Hydrostatic Testing Systems (Torque and Test)

WSES maintains a fleet of more than 30 trailer-mounted Hydrostatic Test Units, available in 10K-15K PSI, with a deliverable rate of 1/4 to 1 BBL per minute. Upon request, our units can digitally record pressure and rate. We prioritize the safety and reliability of our equipment by ensuring that our units are up to date on all certifications, inspections, and maintenance, providing a secure and dependable job from start to finish. Multi-Port Manifolds

Equipment Specs:

  • 10-15k test pumps(16-40 GPM)
  • 100-200 hp Perkins Diesel Engine
  • Dual 250 gallon water tanks
  • Onboard intrinsically safe 10k Hydraulic Wrenches with 125 ft hoses
  • 15k Pressure Regulator
  • 20k Chart Recorder
  • 15k Murphy trip guage
  • Fuel and Air e-kill
Additional Options:
  • 15k Valve Greasing Unit
  • Dry rod, Two-way check and back pressure valve well head tools
  • Hangars and Test plugs
  • Pressure balanced manually operated lubricator
  • Data Acquistion for test pressure, flow rate, and flange torque data with post job log report
  • Multi-Port Manifolds

Chemical Mixing Plant

WS Energy Services (WSES) is proud to offer our clients a fleet of 18+ custom-designed chemical mixing plants.

Our expert team takes pride in designing these plants to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. Our current fleet includes eight trailer-mounted dual-tank mixing units, each equipped with a secondary motor for backup purposes. We also have three 18- wheeler units that offer a third mixing tank and an onboard data system. The majority of our units consist of a 50BBL active tank and a 30BBL sweep tank, both equipped with a hydraulic blender for maximum hydration. Our equipment is designed to cover coil tubing and workover operations, and our commitment to reliable and efficient operations means that you can trust WSES to meet all your oilfield service needs.

Pump Down Services

WS Energy Services (WSES) boasts a fleet of pumps that can handle up to 15,000 PSI maximum pressure, capabilities of remote operation from the perforator and all units have standardized data acquisition systems for all jobs. We understand that downtime can be costly for both ourselves and our customers. Our equipment and maintenance programs are our top priority behind supporting the people that run them. At WSES, we strive to minimize downtime to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient oilfield services for our clients.

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Solids Removal Systems

  • Patented technology exclusively licensed to Romac.
  • Based on Hydrocyclones for Fluids/Solids separation
  • All electric operation
  • Replaces settling tanks with active separation
  • Specifically designed for well completions
  • Removes sand and formation particulate matter = increased tool life
  • Delivers dryer solids = reduced trucking and disposal cost
  • Solids expelled from machine = no need for Super Sucker (vac)
  • Eliminates the number of required frac tanks = lower daily rental and transportation cost
  • Cleaner water/less water = lower cost to purchase, transport and dispose of water
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Hydrostatic Pumps

Hydrostatic Pumps

We have 29 pumps, all five years old or newer, including 200 hp pumps for a barrel a minute capacity to a 15K pump. Safety features include kickouts to prevent overpressure and pop-offs. Every hose is certified and papers are on the unit. WSES offers real time data on pressure testing, and records every bolt tightening with torque values, and provides data on a thumb drive. This is like CYA so if you have a flange give out WS has a record to protect you. WSES also offers real-time data acquisition systems on our test pumps, torque wrenches and mixing plants.

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Hydraulic Wrenching Systems

Our on-board hydraulic wrenching systems include an exclusive Safety Isolation Barrier that eliminates any spark being emitted near the well head, and the risk of creating a flash fire. It is certified for use in a Class 1 / Division 1 / Group A-F Environment.

Chemical Data Acquisition

WS Energy offers real-time data acquisition systems on our test pumps, torque wrenches and chemical mixing plant. We are currently using this system to record data and to meet API torque specs. Also, to monitor pressure in real time while testing lubricator and monitoring backside during fracturing operations.

During chemical mixing operations real-time data is utilized to capture flow rate, wellhead pressure, circulating pressure and chemical injection rate to ensure proper treatment.

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Power Swivel

WSES uses the Venturetech XK-100 power swivel with 7,000 ft- lbs. of maximum torque, and a maximum speed of 150 RPM. The swivel weighs only 1,500 pounds has a maximum static load rating of 100 tons and a max circulating pressure of 5,000 - 10,000psi. This unit is designed for one-man kick-out and does not require a second operator underneath the load. Our customers are very pleased with the safety benefits and time savings.

Valve Greasing

This is a regular preventative maintenance step that will extend the life of your valves. WSES uses Meyer skid built valve greasing units, capable of producing 15,000 PSI. All skids are powered by a dependable Yanmar diesel engine. The air tanks are built by Champion, with a 250 PSI burst rating.
The MEYER Grease Unit is designed for mobility and ease of use. It’s small enough to fit in the bed of a pickup, but still holds 55 gallons of grease for larger jobs. Lincoln 15,000 psi pumps are utilized for longevity and reliability.

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Torque Wrenches/Technical Bolting Systems

WSES offers an upgraded selection of torque wrenches in 7/8” through 3 ¼” bolt capacity, and proudly uses HYTORC units and power packs that are Made in the USA. Slim line wrenches are available upon request. All hydraulic onboard wrenching systems utilize the exclusive WSES Safe Isolation Barrier to prevent sparks near the well head.

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Additional Equipment and Testing

  • Chart Recorders from 500-20K PSI
  • 15K Multi-Port Backside Manifold
  • 1600 Gallon Non-Potable Water Trailer
  • 5 1/8” & 7 1/16” Test Plugs with Dry Rods
  • 2” & 2 ½” Two-Way Checks & BPVs with Dry Rods
  • Mud Motors for well maintenance
  • Void Testing