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About the Company

Established in 2009 by President/CEO and Founder Jack Storm, WS Energy Services, LLC provides a range of oilfield services, including chemical mixing plants, torque and test, and pressure pumping operations, with locations in Alice, Bryan-College Station, Pecos, Premont, and Robstown, Texas.

With a team of fewer than five employees, we have since grown to over 200 employees, and continue to prosper in the oilfield industry where we are most known for our unrelenting commitment to excellence in our service and safety standards. 

Our highly experienced management team and certified professionals utilize the highest quality personnel and products to provide superior service, safely to our customers. 

We credit our success to our team’s dedication, and we thank you for considering WS Energy Services for your oilfield service needs. 

A Culture Built on Safety

We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards that exceed regulatory requirements. We view the development of a strong safety culture as an ongoing journey rather than a destination, requiring effective management over time, with a keen focus on continuous improvement and reinforcement of critical behaviors. Our team members receive comprehensive training to ensure that safety is deeply ingrained in our corporate ethos and work practices. We recognize that exceptional safety performance not only protects our customers, employees, and their families, but also safeguards our equipment, infrastructure, and the environment. We firmly believe that prioritizing safety is a fundamental component of building a sustainable business. 

About Company

A Culture Built on Safety

We set our safety standards above and beyond requirements. The comprehensive, ongoing training we provide to all team members has made it our way of life and work. We know that exceptional safety performance not only protects our customers, employees and their families, but also the equipment, infrastructure and environment around us, and opens up opportunities for our company to excel. Safety is the enabler for everything we do.

Raising performance to new heights

WS Energy has been involved in hydraulic workover and snubbing for over a decade. In response to the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, we helped create new pressure control solutions. We know that excellent safety performance not only safeguards our customers, employees, and their families, but also the equipment, infrastructure, and environment around us, allowing us to succeed.
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Routine Maintenance and Servicing Schedules

We prioritize the maintenance of all our equipment as an upmost priority as it is crucial to ensuring that our operations run smoothly and effectively. We recognize that poor equipment maintenance can result in unsafe, slow, and inefficient equipment, as well as product defects and downtime.

To address this, we have a 24-hour team of highly trained professionals who conduct regular scheduled maintenance checks on all our equipment. Our staff members are trained to identify potential issues with the machines and take corrective action before any major breakdowns occur, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

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All OSHA trainings - PEC Safeland, PEC H2S Clear - Red Cross CPR, First Aid, AED.

Trained Personnel

All employees go through;

  • Comprehensive behavioral programs
  • Mentor Programs
  • Proficiency test programs

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Committed to utilizing quality product, equipment, and materials to provide superior services.