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We set our safety standards above and beyond requirements. We believe the development of a safety culture can be described as a journey, not a destination. It must be effectively managed over time, focusing on continuous improvement and reinforcement of critical behaviors. The ongoing comprehensive training we provide to all team members has made it our way of life and work. We know that exceptional safety performance not only protects our customers, employees and their families, but also the equipment, infrastructure and environment around us but also will open opportunities for our company to excel. We believe safety contributes to a sustainable business.

WS Energy Services

About ❝Target Zero❞ Concept

At WS Energy Services, LLC, we have embraced the "Target Zero" approach, which emphasizes our unwavering belief that every accident, incident, and near miss can be prevented. To ensure that all our employees share this commitment, we provide comprehensive safety training programs through our online portal, as well as hands-on training. Additionally, we have implemented a mentorship program to enable employees to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. We firmly believe that investing in knowledge and skills is critical to establishing a successful safety culture and business.

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All OSHA required training - PEC Safeland, PEC H2S Clear - Red Cross CPR, First Aid, AED

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