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About WS Energy Services

We're Not Just A Vendor, We're Your Partner.

WS Energy Services provides exceptional equipment, seasoned operators, and proven standard operating procedures to reduce risk and enhance performance.

Our leadership team has over 200 years of combined industry experience, which enables us to deliver data driven decisions quickly. This in turn helps us optimize the quality, performance, and safety of our work for our valued customers.

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Chemical Mixing Plant

WS Energy has designed its own 80 BBL Chemical Mixing Plant with dual 100hp Deutz engines, Dual Centrifugal Pumps, and dual mixing paddles with jets. This design reduces the possibility of subsequent down time for our customers in the event of engine or pump failure. Ensuring a smooth and safe job from start to finish.

Torque and Test

Our trailer mounted Hydrostatic Test Pumps have a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate each specific job scope. Our units are kept up to date on all certifications and inspections by our diligent 24 hr maintenance team.

Power Swivel

Our Venturetech XK-100 power swivels have a max load rating of 100 tons and can achieve 7,000 FT-LBS of torque while circulating 10,000 PSI. The hydraulic tilt function makes operations much safer when making pipe connections.

Hydraulic Wrenching Systems

Our on-board hydraulic wrenching systems include an exclusive Safety Isolation Barrier that eliminates any spark being emitted near the well head.

Hybrid Chemical Data Acquisition

WS Energy offers real-time data acquisition systems on our test pumps, torque wrenches and mixing plants. We are currently using this system to record data and to meet API torque specs.

Valve Greasing

This is a regular preventative maintenance step that will extend the life of your valves. WSES uses Meyer skid built valve greasing units, capable of producing 15,000 PSI. They pump state of the art grease produced by Jet Lube into the valves at high pressure.

Pump Down Services

WS has Pumps capable of 15,000 PSI max pressure and the capabilities of running remotely from the perforator. We also have data acquisition systems that are a standard spec on all equipment for all jobs. Down time is costly to us all and we work to minimize as much of it as possible not only for us but our customers too.

Solids Removal Systems

Patented technology exclusively licensed to Romac. Based on Hydrocyclones for Fluids/Solids separation. All electric operation Replaces settling tanks with active separation. Specifically designed for well completions Removes sand and formation particulate

Best safety record in the industry

A culture built on safety.

We set our safety standards above and beyond requirements. The comprehensive, ongoing training we provide to all team members has made it our way of life and culture. We know that exceptional safety performance not only protects our customers, employees, and their families, but also the equipment, infrastructure, and environment around us, and opens opportunities for our company to excel. Safety is the enabler for everything we do.



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Six reasons for choosing WS Energy Services

Quality Material

Committed to utilizing quality product, equipment, and materials to provide superior services.

Training Program

All OSHA trainings - PEC Safeland, PEC H2S Clear - Red Cross CPR, First Aid, AED

Trained Personnel

All employees go through;

  • Comprehensive behavioral programs
  • Mentor Programs
  • Proficiency test programs


We can travel anywhere in the United States to meet our customers needs.

Quick Response

Our phones are answered 24 / 7.

Recordable Incidents

Since its inception in 2010, WS Energy Services, LLC. has not had any OSHA recordable incidents of any type.

WS Energy Services

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